Our philosophy

Passion, love and respect for the environment

Our philosophy is very simple: We trust in a future that builds on our great past. For us, this includes not only a great deal of passion and love for the precious product olive oil, but also respect for the environment and the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement.

We do our utmost to bring out the unique flavours and specific aromatic characteristics of our region, ancient Olympia, using every possible means, with the greatest respect for the environment and biodiversity, and by carefully producing and packaging our first-class extra virgin olive oil.


Our understanding
of culture

We combine traditional methods
with modern equipment

The olive tree is a millennia-old survivor – it is a symbol of constancy, frugality, longevity and wisdom. The olive culture has hardly changed since ancient times. Since the olive groves are often planted high up in the mountains, mechanical cultivation is practically impossible, manual labour is still widespread. Thus, harvesting in our region is still carried out largely as it was hundreds of years ago – but always with the support of state-of-the-art equipment.